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Meet Egypt's Spice Girls, the Women Behind Local Brand 'Seasons Mix'

Who needs khawaga Spice Girls when we've got our own?

Known as 'the pride of cooks,' herbs are an essential that we can’t curry on in the kitchen without. Seasons Mix is the brand that makes fresh blends of herbs and spices to add that magical tang to your meal, yet spend the least time possible fixing your lunch in case you’re rushed off of your feet. Their products have no preservatives, sugar or gluten to promote a healthy, flourishing lifestyle.


“Our business started in my small Dubai apartment, back when I had a full-time job at a pharmaceutical supply chain,” says Sarah Mahmoud, one of the Spice Girls behind Seasons Mix, “I experimented a lot to come up with eight main blends of herbs and spices, so I started on a small scale here in the UAE then had my two sisters in New Cairo pitch in and sell my products in Egypt.”

We suggest you give their Garam Masala a try; it’s a unique fuse of spices all the way from Mumbai. Their Arabian blend is glorious as cinnamon hits it off with cardamom and turmeric to galvanize your stews, rice, or meat. To say nothing of the Mexicana blend that will ginger up your homemade fajitas and tacos, and the Roast blend of rosemary, paprika, and oregano that will sure tot up the essence to your steaks and veggies.


“Our website is expected to launch pretty soon and we’re planning on bringing more blends to go with a variety of dishes,” pointed Mahmoud to their agenda to expand in both Dubai and Cairo as she assured us that all products are hand-mixed and packaged from A to Z without the use of any machines. *Grabs their phone and places their order*