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Mezaj Is the New Poolside Restaurant Embracing Hot Girl Summer

Say hi to summer even when it's not here!

Nothing sounds better than floating about in the refreshing pool water just to come out all wet and hungry to fill your stomach up with cheesy, olive-sprayed pizza, pasta drenched in rich tomato sauce, and ice-cold cocktails. Sa7el sounds great right about now. Or Mezaj. Same thing. Wait, what?

Mezaj is the epitome of the perfect summer day. With its spacious pool looking out onto the beautiful Nile water and its menu that is composed of universally-loved dishes, this spot is bound to bring back all those summer feels.


Opposing the typical eat and leave restaurant, you can simply reserve the day use option they offer amidst their vast array of packages, and just relax all day long, transporting your mind all the way to Egypt’s North Coast. To find out more about them, you can head to their Insta or call ‘em up on +2 0103 373 7998.