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Nasr City’s Nur Malaysia Serves Authenticity in the Malaysian District

This restaurant brings a taste of home to the Malaysian community in Nasr City.

Nasr City’s Malaysian district has just gotten a new halal eatery serving up hot authentic dishes for the community. Nur Malaysia, located on Zaker Hussein Street, is the go-to joint for food as homey as homemade can get.

The restaurant has classics like murtabak, satay, roti, and mi goreng for prices as low as EGP 25, and an endless slew of combos for every single occasion imaginable— including Malaysian Independence Day. The eatery is located in the heart of Nasr City, where many Malaysian students flock to because of Al Azhar University.

The Asian eatery is open everyday until 9 pm, and do deliveries in and around Nasr City at +2 0102 885 1631.