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Nunu From the Kitchen Is the Food Blog You Didn't Know You Needed TBH

They will teach you how to make whatever dish you want...or just deliver it to you.

We can all agree that when looking to get healthy and venturing into that big world that is meal-prepping, we tend to always resort to food blogs and Pinterest because obvi. Nunu from the Kitchen is a blog you should add up to your list of things to fitspire and here’s why.

This mouthwatering Insta account will virtually help you cook anything you want and provide you with amazing recipes, like, all of them. Whether you want to be a Dawood Basha kinda basha or a Korean fried chicken tacos kinda gal, Nunu has got you sorted. For those of you dying to get your hands on her delicious cooking but don’t want to cook or don’t have the time, fear not! Nunu also takes orders and delivers in Cairo. Yup, she said versatility! 

“I wanted to inspire people tbh. When Miss Rona kicked in, I thought I’d do something to inspire people which is why I started posting recipes and then the order request ensued,” said Nour Abed, the blog’s founder, to SceneEats.

For orders, just slide into their DM’s and place your order two days in advance.