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O's Pasta: Original Recipes, Authentic Creations

Nestled in Zamalek, O's Pasta is not your average pasta joint; a quaint and charming boutique restaurant, it boasts unique and original recipes by its founder Omar Barazzi, who also happens to be its full time chef. We speak to the man behind the culinary creations to find out more.

Former-journalist-turned-full-time-chef, Omar Barazzi, is a dying breed. Omar left the comforts of his own established career in journalism to pursue his passion of original creations in the kitchen.

Not that being in the kitchen is a far-fetched realm in Barazzi’s reality; “My mother owned a restaurant for more than 12 years, so I was basically brought up in a kitchen,” he says. Barazzi is no stranger to the world of cuisine; he cooked as a hobby for many years. Recently, he made the bold move of opening his own store in Zamalek, O's Pasta. Barazzi can be found in the kitchen, cooking up his own original recipes, with no foreseeable plans of having another chef recreate his authentic masterpieces.

Barazzi’s menu at O’s Pasta doesn’t read like just another pasta joint. “I make my own freshly ground pesto with pecans," Barazzi shares. "I call it Pecanesto. My 'Greeks in Egypt' salad uses a cheese called Fetameel, created by Greeks in Alexandria.” He goes on to add, “My signature lemon bar extraordinaire is a haven for citrus lovers. It's a very delicate dessert that has a distinct tangy sweet and sour flavour. Its recipe is a well-guarded secret.”

The menu just goes on and on, and it’s more than just the food at O’s Pasta that's remarkable. It’s the quaint, cozy, and family atmosphere that seems to be yet another one of the endless pulls on why O’s Pasta is different and special. You can feel the love, creativity, and effort with each bite. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @ospasta.