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Pioneer Pie Experts "Yum" Now Relocated to Maadi

Who doesn't love a good ol' pie! They're yummy. So when Yum, the pie makers moved their headquarters, we followed them loyally.

Remember that place in Mohandessin we were flabbergasted by just a little over a year ago who sell authentic home-made pies? Well we featured pie restaurant Yum on Cairo Scene before and spoke to masterminds and innovative expat owners Susan Milbank and Christina Hackenberg about the initiation of Yum, but because we love 'em so much we’re here today to let everyone know that they have now relocated to Road 9, Maadi, right behind Nola cupcakes, and are delivering to Maadi and 6th October.

Their pies are still as fresh and as diversified as ever, serving hot or frozen pies to eat straight from the oven or save and heat up for later. They also still have a full range of mini, regular and family size pies, pasties, rolls, Stromboli and yummy sweet pies and desserts. All delicious and encourage a healthy living with their genuine Australian recipes and quality ingredients; Pepper Steak pies, Veggie pasties, Spinach & Feta rolls, Orange Poppy Seed cakes... you name it! They also added mini Cheesecakes to their menu, and mini quiches are coming up!

All delicious, real flavours to get your drools on and heart pumping at the sight of their sweet or savoury food; all brilliantly crafted and suitable for lunch hours at the office, family dinners, home catering, parties and get-togethers or a simple quick and healthy fix for when you’re on the go!

So what in the world of delicious are you waiting for? Check out their Facebook page here. Or order now from Maadi at 01020155599, or from Smart Village, 6th October & Alex Road at 01020155588. You might just want to try 'em out, but we guarantee it won’t be your last time! Oh Yum indeed, pun absolutely intended!