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Famed Canadian YouTuber Trevor James Explores Alexandria’s Fervent Flavours

The seaside governorate has more than a few flavor combinations for any wayward soul.

Alexandrian seafood

Every nook and cranny in Egypt has a smorgasbord of unique local delicacies to cover any meal of the day and then some, with each governorate having its own regional spin on a sturdy staple. Whereas Cairo is more of a melting pot of sorts when it comes to cuisine, Alexandria favours a more bold approach to its various delectable dishes – a fact that prolific food traveler and blogger Trevor James has more than relished on his trip to the seaside city.

Guided by his trusty companion Mohamed, Trevor embarked on a trip to Alexandria’s breakfast baron, Mohamad Ahmed, where he had quite the romantic experience with Alexandrian foul, ta3meyya balls, fried cheese, and some choice scrambled eggs.

Alexandrian breakfast with foul and falafel

He was then ceremoniously introduced to Alexandria’s own Alban Sewisra, which he endearingly described as “Alexandrian Fondue.” Swisra’s coveted 7-cheese blend on top of literally anything you want gave him (and his entire digestive tract) a run for his money.

Alban Swisra in Alexandria Cheese

In true Alexandrian fashion, Trevor continued his grand gastronomic escapade with a trip to one of Alexandria’s many seasoned seafood markets, where he got to chow down on some of the sea’s bounty grilled to perfection, including squid, crab, and a variety of fish.

Alexandrian Seafood

Much to our shock (and slight disappointment), Trevor wasn’t much of a fan of Alexandria’s expertly pioneered liver sandwiches, which he got from El-Sayed Mohammed Karim. He did, however, enjoy the mombar and baba ghanouge.

Alexandrian Liver Sandwiches

Check out the full spread on The Food Ranger’s official site.

All images from The Food Ranger.

Correction: An earlier version of this article described Trevor James as Chinese-American. He is actually Canadian.