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Sachi Wins World's Most Prestigious Business Award

The Bizz Award is given by the the World Confederation of Businesses to outstanding companies and business-people worldwide.

Everybody who's anybody knows Sachi, Cairo's charming and elegant restaurant, which has glamorously redefined the dining experience in the upscale neighbourhood of Heliopolis. Turns out Cairenes are not the only ones appreciating Sachi for all the glitter it sprinkles on our city because the restaurant was just awarded the prestigious Bizz Award in a ceremonial event in Bucharest. The prestigious award, given by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) since 2004, is THE biggest award in the business world, and is only granted to the world's most outstanding companies and business people.The renowned award, which Sachi earned in the Entrepreneurial Category, was received by Sachi's owner and Egyptian leading entrepreneur Ayman Baky, who expressed his pride to have proven that with hard work, determination, and dedication to excellence, entrepreneurs can take Egypt to new heights, just like he did. "All I know is that we have come a long way, and this route wouldn't have been successful without the guidance of my God and Saviour. Thank you, Sachi team, you make me proud," says Baky while receiving the Bizz Award, which is the second international accolade to be awarded to Baky for his entrepreneurial brilliance after previously winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award in Dubai almost a year ago. With such honours, Sachi gains an exclusive WORLDCOB membership, along with other world-renowned business ventures that have previously won the award, including Dubai Duty Free, Doha Bank, and National Bank of Kuwait. Such membership is considered a priceless opportunity for businesses around the world to network and utilise their collective resources and bring their corporate social responsibility to levels on-par with international standards.

To the many loyal customers of Sachi, such news comes as no surprise, as everyone who's ever stepped foot in this culinary promised land knows that the Bizz2017 is rightfully Sachi's.

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