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The Saga Continues as The Tap East Becomes 'El Hanafeya' for Ramadan

Tagammoa residents rejoice! The Tap East are keeping their doors open and their iftar & sohour will be simply irresistable.

Feeling a little blue this Ramadan because all your favourite hangouts have closed for the month? Dear God, Eid is still weeks away and you’re stuck with anxiety-inducing boring family gatherings, and watching ad after ad after ad and dreary mosalsalat. Fret no more, as one of our favourite hangout hotspots in the capital is keeping its doors open this Ramadan, and it is none other than The Tap East. And if you're like us, then you're already longing for those delicious brunches where the menu is as carefully put together as the company you choose to take there. Luckily, very little is changing this month... well, except they're now calling themselves El Hanafeya for Ramadan. Clever, no?

This year, we can finally have something a little different from the usual standard restaurants and cafes we frequent for sohour. El Hanafeya are going to be offering some delicious treats with their own signature twist. It won’t be quiet either, as weekend night will be filled with live entertainment, just the way Ramadan should be enjoyed.

It isn’t going to be a month exclusive for the young either as The Tap are rolling out the welcome mats for families to enjoy sohour with their teenaged ones, but don’t get any ideas, high-schoolers. You can only say you’ve been to The Tap after you bring mummy and daddy. 

If you manage to survive whatever hard-hitting iftar you had, we suggest you let all that food digest and vanish into the ether of the universe, head over to El Hanafeya and wait for those hunger pains to return, and indulge in the open buffet sohour. When it comes to the last meal of the day, it doesn’t get any better than this. An extensive selection of foul, eggs, and falafel dishes will be laid out at your mercy, tingling every inch of your body with their essences. Wash it all down afterwards at the dessert and juice station. You won’t find sohour so good (or modern and yet pretty authentic) anywhere else. 

Keeping to tradition, The Tapenya (yeah, we're Brangelina-ing both names!) isn’t going to just be spoiling us with their delectable food, as no weekend is complete without live entertainment, and Ramadan weekends won’t be an exception. We already had the chance to feast our eyes on mesmerising magician Moustapha Berjaoui's tricks, and our ears couldn't be happier to meet the Eastern sounds of acoustic outfit The Walkman Show, last weekend. But we still can't wait to see what else they have in store for us, with the sights and sounds proving to be the most perfect ending to a night dedicated to our taste buds.

Photo: CairoZoom

Check out their Facebook page for more info. Reservations are a must.

Main image: CairoZoom

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