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Sandra Rizk Has Just Launched A New Fashion Brand and it's Criminal

The marketing maven, and always popular girl around town, has just launched her new fashion brand, Nine Crimes Clothing.

Media darling and marketing maven Sandra Rizk just made her childhood dream come true; since the young age of 11, Rizk has been sketching designs before we could even draw a proper stick figure. Today, she's come a long way from dressing up her Barbies to launch her very own fashion brand, Nine Crimes Clothing. 


The homegrown brand slips into the market at a time when the popularity of Egyptian-made everything is skyrocketing thanks to a slew of designers smartly pushing their wares to the forefront, with the dollar situation making high-end imported styles a luxury rather than a wardrobe staple. While many brands create haute-couture evening wear and aim to go to Paris, and Milan, Rizk wants "Paris and Milan to shop from Egypt" instead.

Her collection speaks to girls who "dare to break the rules, and wear whatever they want without caring much for people's opinion." While that can sound like a broken record, it comes from a place of sincerity. Having to battle a skin disease from a very young age, Rizk understands the societal pressures of conforming to the normal standards of beauty, and yet she made sure that no photoshop went into any of her shoots, and she continues to advocate for portraying natural beauty in her work. 

It's clear that the prints and patterns draw influence from Egyptian market places like El Mosky, Haret El Yahood, Darb El Barabra, and El Hussein. Staying true to her message, however, she frames them in modern cuts, and a very summer-esque beach-chic fashion that's perfect for those Sahel nights out.

After two years studying Mass Communication, Rizk decided it wasn't for her, and head out to study at the Italian Fashion Academy, taking several detours along the way to work with Identity Magazine as Senior Editor and Fashion Coordinator, followed by working as a freelance stylist and art director, as well as a model for a whooping 7 years. Today, she looks forward to making a change in the Egyptian fashion scene. "We have the world's best factories and workers, and we do not use that to benefit our country but rather just work on exporting and benefiting foreign countries," she tells us. For that reason she decided to start small and create the "affordable, easy, and fun brand" much like Forever 21, only made in Egypt.  

You can find the collection at The Lemon Tree Boutique in Telal, and find Nine Crimes Clothing on Instagram.


Photo shoot by Aisha El Shabrawy.