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Shaltata: This Joint Doesn't Care About Anything Other Than Feteer

Ready, set, taghmees.

One of life's many simple joys is taghmees. Not dipping. Taghmees. Yes, that very word. Especially when the practice of taghmees is being done with a feteer meshtaltet. Molasses? Mesh? It doesn't matter which team you side with because you know full well you're going to ghames the life out of that feteer meshaltet and that's all that matters. This is where Shaltata comes in.

As its name suggests, the new restaurant serves feteer and only feteer; meshaltet, to be specific. You read that right. They're fully dedicated to making the iconic dish. They make meshaltet with any dip you could ever think of (3asal eswed all the way, henny). They also make all the classic savoury feteers (sausages, cheese and pastrami) along with feteer rolls. What makes this place's feteer stand out is, again, that’s why they exist -- resulting in a very, very yaaaas-inducing experience.

All you have to do to get your taghmees game on is call them via +2 0120 1277 720. Happy shaltata time, kiddos.