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Solana's Back to School Brunch Has Got Something For the Whole Family

Egypt's school season is perhaps the best time to go for a nice relaxing brunch.

Eating breakfast or lunch seperately is so last season. Brunch is the new Friday lunch, and the trend that has recently taken Cairo’s eatery scene by storm is only getting better. Conrad Cairo’s Solana is upping our brunch game by throwing us one hell of a family affair every Friday with their Back to School Friday Brunch.Solana, the Conrad Cairo's majestic Mediterranean restaurant, overlooks the Nile so we get to take in breathtaking views while we dive into our al-dente chicken pasta. Don’t like chicken pasta? Bringing along a vegetarian friend who’s recently traded in meat for pickles? That’s just fine because Solana isn’t just serving Mediterranean. Their brunch includes cuisines from all four of the Conrad’s delicious restaurants: Oriental from Jayda, Lebanese from Oak Grill and Asian from Kamala. We're already daydreaming about all the sushi, noodles and kofta we'll be devouring on Friday. And Solana makes sure to whip up something to keep the kids busy while you have your much needed glass of wine and stare longingly at the Nile. 

While you get your udon noodles and wine on, the kids can pick up on their cooking skills with a master class by the che,f because why should mama handle all the cooking on her own? We also no longer have to wake up those family fights over where to go for Friday lunch. There's something for everyone at the Back to School brunch, which goes from 1PM to 5PM. And because Solana is the restaurant that just keeps on giving, kids under 6 get to eat for free while those aged 6 to 12get a 50% discount.

To reserve, call 0225808481.

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