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The 4 Degrees of Happiness Everyone Who Attacks Ice Cream Knows About

Who doesn't scream (and smile, and hug themselves, and cry out of happiness) for ice cream?

Unless you're descended from the hellish underworld, you can't possibly not have at least 37483 memories that ice cream and/or gelato made better. We tried, but failed to remember a time where the frozen delights weren't involved and our faces didn't end up morphing into one entity with them. And it's not just in our memories - the scoops of happiness are still a favourite in summer, fe december, fe gleem, straight out of a tub in bed watching Game of Thrones... We can't deny the timelessness. That's what 4 Degrees is doing for you, in a retro-coloured caravan, with tons of delicious dips, and premium flavours and scrumptious toppings, bringing you modernised classic soft serve cones and refreshing gelato flavours.
When we heard about this magical place, we talked to Mourad Ashour, the founder, who said he had a revelation to start this business on a business trip to Dubai that had nothing to do with ice cream. "I wanted to do something simple and manageable. And I love desserts, so I knew ice cream would be perfect. At the same time, ice cream holds significance in our lives; how we would get so excited to go buy soft serve cones as kids and totally enjoy them! But, in Egypt, the soft serve culture is not what it used to be. So we wanted it to bring it back, bigger and better." What he really means is that you can go as an adult, shamelessly, and stick it, scoop it, or flow it. No regrets.Ashour, along with his founding partner and wife, Sally, are keen on their customers being from all age groups, that's why the caravan's design and colours lures in all the kids and the adults alike. As for what comes out of that enchanted vehicle, he says, "The ice cream and gelato is all made by me. I took some courses, and for the three months after, I just kept experimenting, knowing there is so much more to it. That's why in the process of bringing the nostalgic aspect, we always want to innovate the recipes and the experience as a whole." We always encourage any form of food made for us with love, but also, with tons of knowledge.By the way, did you guys know that soft serve is made with more air, that's why it looks and feels really soft? As for gelato, it's much more dense, but it contains less fat. Yay. Now, this is related to the name, 4 Degrees, because Ashour schools us, "The first meaning refers to how ice cream is frozen and stored at four different degrees," then he adds, "But also, our four steps to serving our products: first you pick the flavour, then the dip, the toppings, and finally the drizzle! In the future, we're hoping to launch four types of frozen desserts – so far we have the two, and we're thinking of two more!" We're obviously going to set a plan for stalking their caravan until this happens.

But for now, every time we go by Arkan Plaza at Sheikh Zayed, we'll be getting all sorts of dessergasms.

You can find them parked up in Arkan at Sheikh Zayed, and you can find out more about them on their Facebook, or their Instagram @4Degrees_eg!