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The Fondue Pot Achieves Gooey Greatness

Opening their Cairo Festival City branch with a bang this week, The Fondue Pot offers a unique dining experience at every course. We indulge...

If there's two things in this world we unequivocally love, they're chocolate and cheese. So when we heard that The Fondue Pot was opening their latest branch at Cairo Festival City Mall, we couldn’t resist the temptation to attend.

In a cosy seasonally decorated restaurant, overlooking the gorgeous CFC fountain, we were quickly welcomed by the professional staff that seemed eager to introduce to this new experience. Offering a variety of unique and diverse menu options to Egypt, The Fondue Pot is a rare treat for anyone looking for a change on the Cairo dining scene.

As one can expect, our dining experience began like all fondue restaurants should: with a pot of traditional Swiss cheese fondue. With bread, nachos, and broccoli to dip, we devoured this heavenly, decadent mixture of Swiss Emmental and Gruyère cheese with minced garlic. Taking turns with friends we made quick time of this gooey fondue of love, and were immediately excited to see that the menu boasts six different cheese fondue variations ranging from Mediterranean to Fiesta inspired pots, ensuring that there are plenty left for us to try in the near future.

Shortly after it was time for our main dishes, but before we could decide on what to eat we had to choose a cooking style. Offering the options of using a hot stone, raclette, tartare hat, Buillon, Bourguinon or pizza dome, The Fondue Pot totally transform the dining experience by giving diners the proper tools and ingredients to make the perfect bite. We opted for the hot stone and raclette, and after a quick demonstration we were on our way to creating our own personalised meals. As the grill sizzled the wonderful aroma of cooking meat filled the table leaving us anxiously awaiting our drool stimulating creations.

The competition heated up as we began competing against each other for best flavour combination and cooking skills, making for fun and unique experience with friends. Each bite created was delicious and different, but also taken to another level of greatness with the variety of sauces ranging from spring onion cheese to radish sauce. The only tricky part was controlling the temperature as the hot stone kept getting hotter making it tougher to judge how long to leave the meat on the stone. Making a rookie mistake we found ourselves having to get new cutlery as we stupidly handled the raw meat with a fork instead of the supplied spatula.

After filling our bellies with the meat it was time for the most anticipated course…Dessert. Offering a diverse selection of decadent chocolate fondues ranging from Favarger Swiss dark chocolate, Toblerone and orange chocolate among others, it became a struggle to choose just one. Accompanied with plates of fresh strawberries, kiwis, marshmallows, and brownies, there was no shortages of delicious vehicles for the sinfully sweet chocolate fondue. Needless to say this was the highlight of the night and instantly had us making plans for our next visit.

Aside from tiny glitches often associated with opening nights we enjoyed ourselves greatly. The service and selection were extraordinary, and the experience of cooking at our own table with friends was memorable one that one be forgotten anytime soon. If you are looking for something new, fun, and addictively delicious, we recommend taking your friends to The Fondue Pot.

To learn more visit their Facebook page here.