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The Meatery: A Taste of Standards Beyond Compare

Having flooded Sahel homes with premium cuts of meat, straight from their family farm, we speak to the team that's changing the standards of butchery in Egypt, ahead of their Cairo launch this September.

It is no secret that Egyptians love their meat, however finding a butcher with premium quality meat that knows exactly how to cut it just the way you like it can be exhausting. Looking to solve this problem once and for all, while nurturing our carnivore-needs, is Egypt newest surgical butchers The Meatery.

Established by a family with long extensive agricultural history, The Meatery hopes to build on the family’s experience and reputation to become known as Egypt’s butchery kings. Founded by Salah El Tobgy, Ahmed Abd El Ghaffar, and Osman Abd El Ghaffar, The Meatery is on a mission to set itself apart from the thousands of competitors. According to Osman Abd El Ghaffar, “We are cousins. Both my maternal and paternal families have been extensively involved in the cattle breeding business, as well as meat and dairy production. Since we the new generation of graduates, we’ve been wanting to integrate our farms and go into retail.”

In order to bring a new level of butchering standards to Egypt, Abd El Ghaffar explains “We travelled to the UK to take a butchery course and came back to open our shop in Sahel. The feedback of clients is unbelievable because we implement certain measures that we studied there such as ageing the meat, vacuum packaging, and animal welfare that results in our meat being superior.”

Aside from implementing the proper techniques and giving absolute priority to highest standards of hygiene, cutting, packaging, and delivering, The Meatery goes so far as to raise their own bulls on their farm, controlling the supply chain ensuring the finest quality beef in Egypt. Contrary to most slaughter farms, The Meatery provides a spacious outdoor space for the cattle to roam reducing both stress and anxiety. Even a majority of the food that is fed to the cattle is grown on the farm all of which makes for tastier meat.  

Launching their operation recently in Sahel, the feedback has been extraordinary as meat-lovers from far and wide notice the difference that only the highest standards can deliver. If you were thinking what we're thinking, then we assume you are looking for property in Sahel to move to. Well, just before you pack your bags for a permanent life in Sahel comes good news, as The Meatery has just announced that they will start filling meat orders for Cairo on the 1st of September.

For far too long, meat-lovers have struggled to find particular cuts, or deliciously aged meat. The taste is in the standards, and after trying The Meatery, you’ll begin questioning if what you have been eating your whole life was actually meat...

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