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The Recipe: Making Homemade Desserts Delicious Again

Forget the standard store-bought stuff, homemade profiteroles and cakes are where it's at. Mmmm, just the way mama made them.

When we were young, we relished all those times our mothers actually made an effort to whip up something great for dessert which is why, nowadays, we always seek a little bit of that homey familiarity in every dish we come across. Bringing back that much sought-after satisfaction and greatness of homemade desserts is the online sweets store The Recipe run by Marwa Nasr. The Recipe, running based on orders, has a growing variety of desserts: strawberry cakes, cupcakes, profiteroles, and unique creations of its own.

"I had been operating for about three years actually, but by phone and mainly for family and friends, till we launched the online business this Ramadan,’’ the 37-year-old tells us. Although she teaches by profession, she taught herself the craft of dessert-making and prepares the dishes alone. She lets us know that she picked up her skills from YouTube videos, namely those of Manal Alalem, and embarked on her journey through experimenting, tasting, and analysing the ingredients she tries out in previous desserts.

‘‘Thankfully, my ingredients are very fine; they’re not just some commercial, diluted materials like crème and water put together just for show. They’re guaranteed ingredients and I serve my creations to my own liking - I make them as if I’m going to eat them, so I care about the quality and it comes out tasting good,’’ Nasr enthuses.

Although her own favourites are carrot cakes, date cakes, and anything with chocolate (that's pretty much us, as well), her clients' favourite is the famous Caramelina - a combination of biscuits with banana, caramel, coffee, and cream layers. She also specialises in a light English cake that's prepared in the shape of a flower and drizzled with chocolate sauce. 

A simple caramel sponge cake can set you back 75 LE while the profiterole can cost 100-120 LE depending on size. Nasr also makes and customises birthday cakes to be delivered five days after their order, as well as chocolate cakes wrapped in KitKat bars and topped with M&Ms. Currently, other than her online business, she sells her desserts on open days at universities and would like to set up her own regular dessert booth at a university in the future.

You can find The Recipe on Facebook and Instagram.