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There's a Pot of Chocolate at the End of the Rainbow

We chat to Nada Sroor, purveyour of the cutest chocolate treats we've seen in a while, Chocolate Pots.

For the love of all that is cute and adorbs and I-can’t-even in this world come pots of chocolate. You may have spotted one every now and again but we came across Chocolate Pots on Facebook, which is entirely dedicated to making fudgy cakes trapped in little plant pots with bright flowers sticking out of them à la Alice in Wonderland. They’re so cute we just wanna line our windowsill with them and then systematically devour them, one by one. Screw the subsequent tummy ache/sugar coma from an overdose of chocolate. The brand was only started two months ago by Nada Sroor, who tells us, “After seeing the idea when I was travelling, I liked it so much I decided to recreate it!” Chocolate Pots boasts a bunch of different flavours, ranging from your standard delicious dirt cake to an Oreo flavoured version, vanilla and even blueberry and tiramisu. “And for Ramadan, we’re making Konafa pots!” Sroor tells us. BRING US KONAFA POTS. Or blueberry. Or Oreo. Whatever.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @chocolatepots.