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This Egyptian Bakery Just Sold Off its Heart Cake for EGP 40K

It was for a good cause though.

Heart cake

Every time Halloween comes around, we’re always excited for all the potential ways we can take part in the scariest day of the year. Some of us dress up as sexy, bloodied nurses, others just Netflix and chills. However, Bibas Bakery, which was founded by Habiba Mandour, baked gory Halloween cakes with a cause. While the talented baker has been baking delicious cakes which she's supplied to Hölm cafe in Zamalek, she decided to launch the Instagram account in Halloween and get creative with her cakes. But creativity isn't the only reason behind it.

“I thought of the idea cake for a cause, and it’s perfect for Halloween. I was like okay, I want to do something gory but why not auction if off for a cause. So the heart cake is basically Heart for a Heart, where we’re auctioning off the cake to raise money for someone to get a paediatric heart catherization - a critical life-changing surgery. It got up to EGP 40 000. That was the highest bidder. The money has gone directly to the Magdy Yacoub Foundation.”While the heart cake looks grisly, it’s actually delicious. Made of red velvet and coated with Italian meringue butter cream, fondant and raspberry jam, the cake definitely tastes better than it looks. Don’t let the dripping blood and exposed arteries put you off.

“Once you get past the ick factor, it does legitimately taste good,” says Mandour. “The center is chocolate ganache which looks like old blood. I like to be very accurate and very correct.”

Another one of the cakes Mandour put up for bidding is the brain cake which looks as gory as the heart and it’s also going to a cause related to the aesthetic of the cake.

“For the brain cake, I wanted to think of a charity related to the way it looks just like I did with the heart. So I thought brain...mind, education. The proceedings from that auction will be going to El Noor school for the blind.”

Mandour doesn’t just do brains and hearts though, the Egyptian chef takes custom orders and is planning on adding more of her gorgeous non-organ related creations to Instagram soon.

“I started the bakery a year ago but it was very casual. So I’d custom-make most of the orders. Once Halloween is done, I’ll start putting up the normal cakes.”

Check out her cakes on Instagram.

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