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Video: The Fondue Pot Trusts You With Their Kitchen Gizmos

The Fondue Pot goes against their better judgement and lets us play with their kitchen toys!

The only thing better than eating great food is making great food, and the latter is only possible when you are put under the illusion that you can cook because someone else laid all the ingredients for you like you are a four-year-old.

Pack your appetites and strap on your fat pants, boys and girls, The Fondue Pot is letting us call the shots with a do-it-yourself dining experience. You know how you always complain that there isn’t enough cheese on your pizza and how your meat isn’t cooked right? Well, you can stop whining now. The Fondue Pot is letting us cook our own food because we are finally ready for this huge undertaking. But with great power comes great responsibility, like not overcooking, undercooking or burning your food - that’s entirely on you!     

It's Fondue time!

#FONDUE is the perfect way to eat & have fun at the same time! Enjoy fondue-ing at #thefonduepot !

Posted by The Fondue Pot on Thursday, March 24, 2016



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