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Wouldn't You Love to Live in A World of Food?

It's all we've ever wanted - all we've ever asked for. And it's happening!

You should know by now that our lives revolve around 'what are we going to eat today?' Sometimes we fight over food, and sometimes we can't help but spark random conversations about all the foods we've tried at international restaurants or around the world when we're having a life of our own outside the office. So when we hear about The Eatery throwing an event called 'World of Food', we're suddenly wondering if that's a call from our home planet or if it's an omen to realistically implement our plans to take over the world.

Pinky and the Brain moment aside, World of Food will basically be all about quality food vendors, such as fresh organic veggies from Makar Farms, perfectly roasted – much and always needed – coffee from illy, and the rare and healthy golden beads of quinoa produced by Dandara. Collaborating with Italian Chef Giovanni Magnani – who sounds like he makes good sauces – they'll be hosting cooking classes on world food where you also get to eat all the food that's made after – ALL OF IT! Calendars marked - October 15th at Cairo Festival City from 2 PM onward. We're so in.

If you like what you see and what you taste, you can go up to each of the vendors and grab whichever ingredients made your heart tingle at first taste. Got kiddos? No problem. There's a baking class for children where you may or may not find some of the shorter CairoScene members trying to sneak in. Plus, it's an investment worth making when you're tired of the kids making a mess in your kitchen and you're a fan of baked good (rear them at a young age to serve you baked goodies, our friends).

The only world worth living in is a world of food.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Main image courtesy of Eatery Egypt.