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New Service in Cairo Delivers Delicious Healthy Meals on Budget-Friendly Monthly Packages

Diet Delight Egypt will come up with a monthly meal plan for you, fully customised to your body's needs in terms of calorie, protein, and fats-intake.

healthy food meals lunch box

Life gets pretty hectic in this dusty city, and as each month goes by, our unfinished resolutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle still remain uncrossed on our lists. Eating raw carrots and cucumbers just won't cut it, and they're frankly quite disgusting, and Casper & Gambini's salads are not creative enough to satiate our cravings.

When going on a diet, one has to adhere to a strict regimen in order to reach goals. Whether it's finally getting that six-pack of beer or being able to effortlessly climb four flights of stairs, the food that you eat has a substantial impact on the way you function throughout your day – mood and emotions included.

Diett Delight's co-founders Noor Adawy and Ayman Khanji came up with the concept of a service that caters to your nutritional needs by creating delicious meal plans and delivering the healthy lunch boxes straight to your doorstep. Their meals consist of poster-material food items like sandwiches, salads and pizzas, made in their kitchens and ready to be devoured.
The fresh start-up offers daily, weekly and monthly packages depending on your needs, as well as an available menu with a range of healthy snacks and meals for the meat-eaters and the vegetarians.

Their menus and meals give you no room to wiggle, as the calories and all nutritional information are included within their brochures. "We have in-house professional nutritionists and doctors to help create these meal plans for our clients, whether they want to lose weight or gain weight," Adawy told CairoScene.

Here's how it works; first, they find out for you what your calorie intake is, and from there you have three options: you can have a consultancy session with one of their doctors in their clinic at Mountain View Clubhouse, New Cairo; or you talk to the doctor on the phone; or you simply select one of the three pre-set calorie packages from their website depending on your calorie intake.

The website is in English and also has an Arabic option. Their service delivers the meal packages to your doorstep everyday – consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks and a juice. The items inside the boxes will vary depending on your calorie and food choices.

The idea only started two to three months ago, but is brilliant in its nature as it caters to the busy bees that are often too far or busy to think of their diet.

Diet Delight Egypt's kitchen is made up of four five-star chefs and assistants – the master chef coming from the land of France and well-experienced in the culinary world.

Check out more of Diet Delight's meal plans and delicious goodies on their Instagram and website.