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The Batter Half: Explosive Ice-Cream Flavours

The Batter Half launches more than 20 ice-cream flavours that turn out to be mind blowing. Mona Daoud builds her own gluttonous sundae. The rest, as they say, is history.

As if The Batter Half hasn’t already done enough for the world of desserts, they go on to do more. So what are they bringing to you? A dream world for ice-cream and dessert lovers; the world of Build Your Own Sundae. Ahead of them launching their ice creams in their Zamalek store, they invited us over to get the first taste...

So how creative can you be?

I grabbed a bowl and scooped up Red Velvet ice-cream, Nutella ice-cream and Peanut Butter ice-cream, then I drizzled a decent amount of Caramel sauce over the scoops. After that I sprinkled red velvet cake crumbs, and peanut butter chips, and stuck chocolate biscuits, piece of brownie and a chocolate pretzel in the sides, procuring the following creation of which I was so proud.

Naturally, I had to dig in to see if my creation was as amazing as it was in my head. Indeed it was. What can I say? I just have a natural foodie flare. The thing about The Batter Half is that Karim Auf, the co-owner and mastermind behind the dessert selection and ice-cream flavours, is also a foodie with a profound passion for desserts. This means that the ice-cream is made of ice-cream base and genuine ingredients as opposed to artificial flavors. So the Nutella ice-cream is made of ice-cream base, and a whole lot of Nutella straight from the jar, and the pistachio ice-cream is made of 100% ground pistachios. You get my drift.

I was dazzled by the array of 20+ flavours and wanted to pick up the fridge and make a run for it. Sadly, that was not a feasible plan. So I had to settle for tasting samples, and by samples I mean generous scoops of one ice-cream after the other. I was hungry.

When it comes to ice-cream, I don’t believe in fruits. I tend to swing towards chocolates and creams and coffees; anything that ranges between the colours white and dark brown does it for me.

So it was surprising that I was attracted to the very pink rose ice-cream. I skeptically tried a taste, and had to close my eyes so no one sees them rolling in my skull in ecstasy.

I then went on a tasting frenzy, dropped my inhibitions and went for the fruits. You know what’s better than a tangerine? Tangerine ice-cream. It had the perfect balance of fruit and ice-cream, not too sweet as many tend to be, and with a slight hint of sourness that all citrus lovers relish.

It was then suggested that I try the biscotti flavour.

“Interesting,” I thought to myself, biscotti is cool, I can try that.

The following moments of my life, I will always remember in shame. I lost all self-composure, and my projected image of being a sophisticated woman. I blocked the table from anyone trying to get to it, and hovered over the biscotti container. I may or may not have eaten straight out of the tub. I don’t remember. You know that Lotus caramelised biscuit? Imagine that as an ice-cream flavour. Someone handed me a bowl to save me from disgrace. I filled it. When I was done, I filled it again and slathered it in caramel sauce.

The biscotti flavour, made with a secret ingredient, is by far the star of the ice-cream collection which is seasonal, with special flavours coming for Christmas, Halloween, Ramadan, and so on.

The Batter Half have already launched the ice-cream collection in Sahel at Hacienda Bay's Lake Yard and Hacienda White’s El Corte Mall. They launch in Cairo’s Zamalek branch in mid September, giving you the option to walk in for a single scoop on a nice cone, or indulge by ‘Building Your Own Sundae’ from an array of flavours and a medley of toppings.

Five words for you. Biscotti flavour in caramel sauce. Don’t fight it.