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12 Spots To Get Swimwear in Cairo For Summer 2016

Flaunt what your mama gave you in something sexy this summer.

If you want the finest wine, you go to France; if you want the best pizza, you go to Italy; but what if you want the hottest swimwear, and in Egypt? Leaving aside the endless conflict between our insatiable appetites and wanting to get that 'beach bod' we remember sometime around mid-April every year, the next conundrum becomes where to find bathing suits that complement our figures and don't look like the atrocities we occasionally find while walking the streets of wst el balad. For the annual swimwear hunt, there's a method to the madness. First, you need to have a game plan: do you want a one piece or a bikini? Plain or printed? Crochet or nylon? Once you figure out your game plan for how you plan on looking while you're cannonballing into the pool or laying on a chaise longue in hopes of getting any pigmentation, here's where to start your hunt:

Villa Baboushka 

Their gorgeous fuchsia door isn't the only thing we love about Villa Baboushka; aside from their their evening gowns, they also have a whole lot of fancy designer bikinis – Camilla, anyone?


Here's where you go to find high-end yet affordable brands, including Hepanema, to make you feel as fierce as you look while on the beach. They also have collection of beachwear to complement that sexy bikini.


We've found a brand haven in Agrodolce. Variety? Check. Brands? Check. Sexy, chic, unique? Check, check, check.


Move with the tides in an eye-popping bikini and show off your curves in a modernised 50s silhouette with Coterique's designs.

Boutique 51

Looking to turn heads while sipping that cocktail poolside? Just look at that red bikini! Bolder's better. 


Colourful and cute, these guys have bathing suits in all the colours of the rainbow and then some. We're talking dusty pink, mint green, sandy white, flowery purple, yellow, bubblegum blue, and peach... and quite possibly a few more colours we've never even heard of.


You know how you always look around see people wearing the same H&M bikini? It's one thing when you're walking down the street and someone's wearing the same top, but the same bathing suit?! We'd rather go for something cute and unique from Oysho.

Pull & Bear

There's a time for mixing and matching, but there's also a time for letting the pros decide for you so you can kill it while you're hitting the sandy beaches. Would you have pulled together that triangle top with matching cute bottoms? Yeah... no.


It's hard to find a bikini that fits your personal style, but sometimes – only sometimes – you find yourself stepping out of your bubble and actually trying something new. A printed bikini with all the frilly trimmings? 


Sweet; simple; sophisticated; sexy. Sold? 


Out with the old and in with the new, and this year the 'new' is crochet bikinis. Relax, they're nothing like your grandma's doily and won't soak up all the water and make you feel like you're walking around with two extra tonnes of weight.

Waki Shop

Now this is what we call different. Eye candy with pretty patterns and vibrant colours – nothing short of Waki.

Main image retrieved from Coterique.