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13 Egyptian Brands to Get Your Beach Bags from this Summer

From transparent totes, to ethnically embroidered clutches, we've rounded up the best beach bags this season, all by local designers.

Although the heat of the summer sun and the beautiful view of the sea are enough to make one lose their mind, they still do not work as an excuse to stop paying attention to the little fashion details when hitting the beach! Here are our favourite beach bags of the season; something to match every swimsuit. 


Taking their beautiful art to the cool beach breeze and beautiful blue waves of the sea, Marsuma has the brilliant and durable bags and clutches for all you artsy people.



Never failing to impress us, with their intricate material and detailed designs, Okhtein summer beach bags need to accompany you throughout your holidays and steal some limelight, too.


Everyone's taking a summer break and so is Dokan Boutique... from furniture. Stocking Reform Studio's unique beach clutches that have an Egyptian sense to them making us want summer to last all year long, maybe they should switch to fashion.

Dazz Bags


Floral, fresh and sun-bathing ready, Dazz beach bags and clutches will turn heads, on your shoulders or in your hands this season and, like a missing puzzle piece, finally completing your summer-outfit.



Tastes differ over patterns and colours, but transparent fits all. Shahdan's brilliant summer clutches give you the option to choose; to wear them by day or to wear them by night...or to buy the entire collection and never have to choose again.

Nihal Basha

Bringing neon colours back to the scene, these vibrant totes will make you shine better than your tanning oil.

Nevin Altmann

Injecting the beautiful authentic Nubian art and contemporary embroidery into most of  their designs, Altmann's brand lets you carry your Egyptian culture in your hands with pride this summer.



When creativity meets talent. Most painters get their subjects down on canvas or paper, but Tombokka took Egyptian art to bags and accessories that will rock your beach outfit any day. 

Ain Maha:

Maha Al Sagheer designs pretty bags, the job of which is to always keep a smile on your face. Her adorable creations are the beach material that simply scream summer vibes.




The brand's name alone gives us the shivers of the sweet beachy breeze and their colourful patterned bags. Too lazy to carry a towel in your bag? Seashell has designed a bag that works as both, the bag and the towel, as well as awesome durable pieces.



Nuniz by Nadia Zarkani perfectly captures everything needed for a fancy beach pochettes and receptacles and adds her magical touch, turning the object into a summer must-have.

YF Designs:

Chic, elegant and edgy are words that fall exactly point when describing these little pieces of wizardry. 


Egypt and India are two beautiful countries with deeply rooted cultures, and mixing the traditional clothing patterns results into an alluring piece of work you can have hanging on your shoulder, waist or wrist from Banjara Line.