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15 Egyptian Fashion Brands Whose Names You Might Not Know - But You Should

Cairo's fashion scene is filled with talent, from designers to elaborate multidisciplinary projects. Here are 15 fashion brands that you might not have heard about yet...

A decade ago, the fashion scene in Egypt may have been fledging but now it seems we're on our way to a full blown fashion industry. From names that have made international headlines like Okhtein and Temraza, to local gems like Amr Saad's artisanal sunglasses and streetwear brand UNTY, homegrown Egyptian brands have started to truly make a name for themselves. But beyond these more established names, there are a flurry of local fashion brands that haven't made it quite as big - but are just as awesome. Some are new up-and-coming designers, others have been around for longer but have stayed under the radar, but they're all uniquely impressive. From ornaments, to accessories, to full on ensembles these Egyptian fashion designers are reshaping the landscape of local style...


With a collection of shoes, bags, and jewellery that is undeniably unique, LALA is one of the most on point contemporary local brands we’ve seen in a while. Youthful and vivacious, their items employ lots of crystals and asymmetrical shapes but they all share a practical edge so you can wear them to brunch, as well as to your friends engagement. With a new website that will launch soon, LALA have proven that they are important contenders in today’s Cairene fashion-scape. For now, they are operational through Facebook.

 Jazzy Sunglasses

Sunglasses often cost a fortune but Jazzy are an up and coming brand in Cairo that offer cool trendy designs at an affordable price. Summer is coming up and you’re gonna need shades; don’t exhaust the finances you could totally spend on wine when you can get a way cooler, homegrown pair for much less. Check out their Facebook page to check out their collection.


S_oldOne of Cairo’s first official thrift stores, S_old offers vintage clothing that the owner, Yahya Karali handpicks from shipments of old clothes from the West that come into Egypt's port cities. With a surprisingly cool 80s collection that's carefully put together including puffy jackets and patterned shirts, S_old will have you looking like you just came out of Drive. They also get the odd designer item every now and then, so if the idea of a vintage Yves Saint Laurent coat gets you hot and bothered, S_old is the place to go. Head over to their Facebook page for contact details and photos of their brand new collection.


Grandma's Closet

Operating out of a basement in Maadi and only open a few days each month, Grandma’s Closet is a full of authentic, stunning vintage finds, offering items from the swinging sixties to the nineties. Items are hand selected and restored before they are sold. If you want to see their collection you can make an appointment, otherwise visit their Facebook page to find out when they're open for business.



One of the more artsy brands on the rise in Cairo, jewellery label Sandbox offer some edgy, colourful pieces. Each collection is centred around a new concept that is presented with artwork that follows the theme of the collection. They don’t do things small, and their collection is not for the faint-hearted among you. They do however have great taste and each collection is a hit. Check them out via their website, see if you like what you see.  


Zinab Chahine ctrl+z Jewellery

One of the funner brands on the rise out there, Zinab Chahine’s ctrl+z is a local jewellery brand that makes designs inspired by Egypt but infused with their own youthful spin. Their designs bring together tradition and creativity, they even allow you to create your own pieces. Currently they don’t have a store but they are selling their pieces at various artisan boutiques and galleries, such as ABnG and Townhouse. Check out their stuff via their Facebook page.



Founded in 2014 by Egyptian-American, Marwa Saadawi, artisan jewellery label Indira was born out of Saadawi’s passion for art and design and the inspiration she finds in her Egyptian roots. Having spent a great deal of her university career familiarising herself with the crafts of Egyptian jewellers and silversmiths, Saadawi’s designs allude heavily to Egyptian aesthetics. Operating on a pop-up basis in stores in Cairo, New York City and Abu Dhabi, Indira’s collection is stunning and fully accessible through their website.



Started in 2015 by Amina Mottawea, Elia is an up and coming Egyptian shoe label with an aesthetic that is stylish, sleek, and simple with a distinctly fun edge. Mottawea has always had a passion for shoes and decided to make a career out of her obsession with restyling them. Choosing to work exclusively with Egyptian artisans on their designs, almost all of Elia’s materials are manufactured locally as well. Mottawea’s vision for the label is to support local designers as well as to boost the local fashion scene. 



With a strong fashion vision from its founder and primary designer, Mustafa Baibers, Cult is a new local shoe and bag brand that has taken the local fashion scene by storm. With designs rooted in Japanese fashion aesthetics and pop culture, the brand offers some of the more out there designs we've seen in the market - think gold and silver boots, or bags with straps that are lined with fur. They are operating only through their Instagram page so head over there, check out their collection and nab a pair or two.



Designing clothes for women-on-the-go, Opio aims to make you more fashionable without you having to jump through hoops. With soft fabrics and relaxed fits, the pieces all feel effortless - they are the ultimate in comfort, except they still look incredibly chic and not like you left your house in PJs. They have a fully functional website, where you can go and check out their collection, and they deliver items to you anywhere in Egypt.


Plum Plu

Marketing themselves as a little more expensive than several other brands on this list, Plum Plu came into the scene with ambitious aims to be trend-setters in the local fashion scene. Operating to redefine feminine fashion trends and infuse a little more creativity into the local fashion scene, Plum Plu’s collection is stunning and guarantees new ways to get out of any fashion ruts you might be in, without looking like Alexander McQueen’s fantasy. Their website is fully operational so head over there for your makeovers.


 Dalia Madkour

Keeping things a little more traditional, and using stones and designs of predominantly Egyptian origins, D.M is a jewellery label that is a little rougher around the edges than your average polished brands. It’s part of their whole thing though; they are more rugged, more down to Earth, with designs that have strong oriental vibes. We’ll let their designs speak for themselves. They operate mainly through Facebook so head over there and see what you like.


The King’s Mother Official

Fresh off the farm, The King’s Mother is a brand new Egyptian fashion label that focuses on making blazers for women. They combine elements of men and women’s couture to make beautifully cut, perfectly tailored blazers - because you can literally class up any outfit by tossing a chic blazer over it. Their designs include cutouts, fringe, feathers, and even sequins, alongside more traditional pieces. They are only operational on Instagram now where you can see their collection in its entirety.