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17 Awesome Egyptian Jewellery Designers

We rounded up 17 of the city's most talented jewellery designers because a little bling bling never hurt anyone!

A piece of jewellery is more than just an accessory to complement your already fabulous look; it's countless hours spent conceptualising and manufacturing to create wearable art. No one exemplifies this level of commitment, diligence, and artistry more than the local designers we've carefully selected for your blinging pleasure!

J's Designs

Jude Benhalim's brainchild - J's Designs - boasts jewellery that's colourful, vibrant and bold, yet subtle with just the right amount of chic sophistication!

Sabry Marouf

Designer duo Ahmad Sabry and Daki Marouf's designs are modern and even opulent at times, but it's how they infuse Pharaonic elements into their edgy pieces that have us all gaga for them.

Mema El Shafey

Mema El Shafey's jewellery is not for the faint of heart; every piece is a bold statement communicated with Oriental and often nature-inspired details.


A very talented globetrotter by the name of Sarah Samaha wanted to capture the essence of her travels and, just like that, Hemsah was born! The pieces intricately combine elements of Zen Buddhism with colourful stones to present Samaha's unique artistic vision.

Dima Rashid

Dima Rashid's exquisite jewellery pieces have complemented everyone from Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bunchden, and Kate Moss to Shakira, Queen Rania, and Oprah Winfrey. Need we say more?

Ayah Shaffik

Every piece by Ayah Shaffik screams "Egyptian" - the silver finery perfectly reflects Egypt's Islamic heritage all while keeping it fresh with bursts of colour here and there.


Designer Yomna Farghaly's effervescence shines through Zenoubia, her jewellery line, which can best be described as timeless handmade pieces exquisitely and uniquely designed to pay homage to our cultural heritage.


If we had to describe Gouzlan in one word, it would probably be clean. The pieces are subtle, slick, and simple, with a touch of understated elegance perfectly embodying 21st century minimalism.

Menna Khalil

Menna Khalil's latest collection is inspired by Lebanese poet and author Khalil Gibran. Moved by his paintings – yes, he painted too – the designer decided to capture the essence of his philosophy in a jewellery collection!

Manière Jewellery

Not your typical silver finery, Manière Jewellery is Nouran Shaarawy’s very own take on Egypt’s artistic culture. The pieces are as diverse and colourful as our heritage, with Arabic calligraphy here and baroque designs there.

Atef Wassef

Nature and history are recurring themes in Wassef’s work; his designs have Romanesque elements infused with Arabesque details in perfect harmony!


Iman Farouk and Eva Fathy have been pouring their hearts and souls into every collection they release for over 15 years now. Jaidaa designs are bold yet easy on the eyes, colourful yet stately.

Bizzari Jewellery

Mona Bizzari’s last Ramadan collection is testament to her talent and imagination that know no bounds. The artist set out to conquer the industry with jewellery that is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful when she launched her Leyla Kebeera line, which was inspired by the famous Egyptian puppet operetta.

LW Bijouterie

No one would ever dare accuse Laila Wahba’s Bijouterie of being subtle. In fact, Wahba was designing big bold statement pieces before it was cool - LW Bijouterie is a trendsetting brand.

Dina El Banna

Meet the woman who put healing energy in your everyday accessories! Chakra bracelets have been our first encounter with El Banna’s art, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Nina Bakry Body Jewellery

We were operating under the assumption that our bodies weren’t meant to be accessorised until Nina Bakry opened our eyes to a world of bold, eccentric, and quirky pieces to ornament our bodies with.

Azza Fahmy

This trailblasing visionary artist might very well be the reason why all of this is possible. Fahmy was one of the first designers to blend cultural heritage and aesthetic in an exquisite piece of jewellery.