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3 of Our Favourite Egyptian Fashion Icons are Taking Over Project Runway Middle East

As if we weren't excited enough about the upcoming Project Runway Middle East, now we've got three of our favourite local style mavens making appearances - and we've got the inside scoop!

Since we seem to think of ourselves as the fashion police, reared and trained to criticise wardrobe choices with our mothers and aunts during Egyptian mating/wedding season, we're all pretty stoked about the fact that Project Runway is coming to the Middle East on MBC. And since everything gets more interesting (read: heated) when Egyptians are involved, we're happy to announce that Project Runway ME is featuring three of our very own favourite show-stopping fashion icons – fashionista-turned-entrepreneur Hadia Ghaleb, as a guest interviewer, and brilliant fashion designers Mohanad Kojak and Amna Abdelrahman, as contestants.

With 12 episodes - each two being hosted by a fashion icon - Hadia Ghaleb was selected as one of the dozen. "I was the only one chosen from Egypt, and I was on cloud nine when I got the news," she shares with us. "The studio in Beirut is out of this world! Project runway Middle East is incomparable, it's breathtaking!"The show, which is set to air September 17th, will be featuring local designer Kojak - known for his theatrical boho-chich sartorial masterpieces - as a contestant. "What I'm looking forward to the most is seeing his work in the episodes during which I wasn't there," Ghaleb tells us, "I love that guy, and I believe in him so much!"

In 2015, Kojak told CairoScene, “I like to play with different elements; every piece or collection I make, I’m not sure how people will perceive it. But, everyone needs this over-the-top or ‘weird’ thing to try every now and then, especially designers. If I’m bored or not inspired, then don’t expect something that’s new or different or inspiring or something that has an identity.” And we expect no less from him on the forthcoming show, one that is globally notorious for testing designers' ingenuity with bizarre materials to create fashion from, while still expecting them to maintain their own personal touch. Yup, Kojak is definitely in line with that

The Middle East version of the successful American reality show will feature a number of Arab icons, including legendary Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab who will act as the main judge, alongside Tunisian-Italian supermodel Afef Jnifen. It will be hosted by the gorgeous Lebanese-Australian model Jessica Kahawaty, and participants will be supervised and mentored by Saudi entrepreneur Faris Al Shehri.

Binge-watching, here we come!

All images – except Mohanad Kojak's – were provided to us exclusively by Hadia Ghaleb.