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5 Arab Heartthrobs Doing Beards Right

From bare-faced, boxed goatees, all the way to fully-grown and classic beards, these 5 Arab heartthrobs have perfected their beard game.

Braun Multi Grooming Kit

Almost all bearded men take care about their beards to a point of fault. It's basically the male-equivalent to makeup. That is true in most parts of the world, and even more accurate when it comes to Arabs; we have, throughout history, mastered the art of facial hair, and it's always been a significant part of an Arab man's prestige. Fast-forward to 2018, it's not so much a societal statement as much as it is a valuable accessory, so we scoured the internet to find out which Arab heartthrobs have their beard game on-point, and through all the drooling and lusting over these sexy beasts, we ended up with a list of the 5 Arab celebrities doing beards right:


Some people just don't need full beards, which is the case with the exceedingly drop-dead gorgeous Dhafer L'abidine - AKA Tunisia's biggest gift to every teenage girl in the Arab world and beyond. While adopting different looks and styles throughout his successful modeling and acting career, Dhafer has recently settled (maybe just for a while) for a stubled chin. All one needs to do is shave it all off for some Dhafer L'abidine swag, minus that gorgeous face of course. Sorry about it. 


Now onto Cairokee's eccentric vocalist, Amir Eid. Known for varying facial hairstyles and constant reinvention, Eid has built up a reputation as a fashion maven in his own right. He's recently been sporting a full-grown beard, channeling '70s boho chic fashion with an Egyptian twist, and we're here for it. 


The popular rapper has an image to maintain, being also a published author and all. He obviously aims for the effortlessly chic and macho aesthetic, which is anything but effortless. Luckily, Tharwat uses the 13-precision-length settings on the three-flex-headed Braun Multi-Grooming Kit, which also comes with a smart hair clipper, specialised nose and ear trimming heads, and with a full-hour battery life,  giving Tharwat that degraded, neat beard within a few minutes anywhere he may be. 


Again, our gratitude is offered to Jordan for nurturing and bringing Eyad Nassar into the world. The brilliant actor has this kind of rugged handsomeness to him that doesn't instantly strike you, but surely slowly grows on you until you're just literally living whenever you lay eyes on him. Obviously, Nassar comes with a classic full-beard that perfectly complements his features, but he's also known for constantly mixing up his looks, and somehow they always seem to work. 


Now, we have to be careful here, because this heartthrob is happily married, and we're green with envy, mostly because he's got a face that's been scientifically proven to have hypnotising effect if you look at it for more than 10 seconds(fact!). He wears his facial hair in the shape of a boxed goatee, highlighting his perfect bone structure and skin tone, and in fact making himself look younger. The look is a tad complicated, maybe even requiring the services of a professional stylist.

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