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6 of Egypt's Biggest Fashion Industry Insiders are Spilling their Secrets in a Workshop Next Week

Fashion agency Vichi are collaborating with leading local experts in the fashion scene to teach you everything there is to know, from photography, to styling, and make up.

It seems we can’t look left or right these days without coming across someone who's now firmly entrenched in the fashion industry in Egypt; stylish humans posting countless Instagram snaps wearing ravishing outfits in picturesque settings that make you question your own rather unfashionable life in the hoodie you've been wearing for three days. Fashion blogging has most definitely become trendy and has shot many to social media stardom, but more pertinently, it has evolved into a viable business for many as they branch out into vivid fashion related careers. But contrary to popular opinion, reaching this level of fame does not come easily; it requires more than just a knack for dressing well. Fashion consulting agency, Vichi, have gathered six leading talents from the industry in Egypt to take you through a workshop detailing the artistic and educational knowledge required to launch a fashion career.

Vichi’s Fashion Weekend consists of a three-day workshop at Le Meridien Cairo Airport Hotel beginning, March 9th until March 11th, where fashion photography, styling, art direction, modelling, designing, social media blogging, and makeup will be thoroughly covered. Students will be tasked with showcasing the final project they develop over the course.

Leading the workshop with their epic skills are fashion photographer Abdallah Sabry, stylist Gehad Abdallah, makeup artist Laurice Matta, designer Norine Farah, Dubai-based blogger Zeynab El-Helw (aka @fashion_pirate), and model Suzan Idris. After you kick ass in the workshop, your final project will be assessed and the best work produced will receive an internship with the leading instructor in that category.

With the fashion and beauty industry expanding at lightning speed, currently a $3 trillion industry worldwide, creating an advantageous edge has become the primary focus of Vichi. Founder, Islam Ahmed, stresses the importance of supporting aspiring fashion designers, and reminds us to “believe in [ourselves], and have faith in [our] abilities.”

Speaking passionately about the upcoming workshop, celebrity fashion stylist and a key leader in the workshop, Gehad Abdallah, tells us, “I support individualism and I want help contributing to people becoming their own, and in my opinion I feel it's our duty to help and share our experiences with the new talents to help in this growing industry, specially there's a huge gap in the market for it.”    

If you can’t take your eyes off Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits in every episode of Sex and the City, and if you’re truly passionate about the world of vogue, then this is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with what it takes to be a successful fashionista.

To register, email or call 01224033144.

Check out the workshop event here.