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7 Best Dressed at Hadia Ghaleb's Birthday Bash

Sheyaka abounds at Hadia Ghaleb's style-centric birthday bash, and we teamed up with Ghaleb and CairoZoom to bring you the best of the best from the fashion-frenzied night.

This past weekend, the fashionista to end all fashionistas - a.k.a Hadia Ghaleb - threw an all-out stylish birthday bash at the Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah to celebrate one more year of being more ahead of the style curve than you will ever be, and being able to pronounce Saint Laurent correctly. Also, being able to afford Saint Laurent. The city's entire style set descended upon this evening of heightened aesthetic; there was so much sheyaka in the air, we didn't even try to wear our favourite yoga pants with UGGS combo.

In signature fashion (get it? get it?), Ghaleb teamed up with our rather un-sartorially inclined crew, and our snap-happy big sis CairoZoom, to up the style stakes and challenge the select movers and shakers invited to rise to the fashion occasion and prove their sartorial prowess with a best dressed competition. Many tried. Many failed. Those donning regular jeans or unable to spell Moschino backwards were immediately asked to leave the premises and reevaluate their life choices. But, some persevered. Some raised the style bar. And we kept a very careful eye on all of them. There were girls in floppy hats; guys in floppy hats - it was all very avant garde. The term a la mode has never been so apt, and there weren't even any brownies or apple pies in the vicinity. 

So, without further ado, here is our selection of the best dressed peeps of the day, as chosen by the collective efforts of Ghaleb, CairoZoom, and ourselves.

Well obvs the birthday girl. Who was clearly channeling a Sons of Anarchy meets Paris Fashion Week.

Suzan Idris kills it in a structured white mini and the best sandals we've seen all year.

The floppy-hat-clad maiden on the right is giving off some major 70s nostalgia vibes. Groovy baby. 

That moustache alone warrants a spot on every best dressed list ever. It's like a built-in accessory.

That is one bold hue, kind sir. 

The true mark of a fashionista is how well she can wear furry things. Radwa El Ziki is clearly an excellent fashionista.

Yellow pants, we're looking at you. That Big Bird hue is the perfect splash of whimsical colour in this miserable winter weather. 

Well obvs the birthday girl again.