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8 Awesome Egyptian T-Shirt Brands

With lots of cotton and even more talent, Egypt's fashion industry is picking up on the pleasures of a perfect t-shirt...

Is there anything better than the feeling of putting on your favourite t-shirt? There's a sense of pride in your print of choice, and the Egyptian fashion scene - blessed with our legendary cotton - are starting to pick up on the fact that our t-shirts should represent our culture. Here are some of the top brands churning out stylish cuts and spot-on design.



Ready for the summer? We definitely are! Artwork by @el_shimy #summer #tshirt

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Original prints by local artists on simple, basic shirts creating an awesome partnership between art, fashion and technology thanks to their nifty retail website. 


Zang has made one hell of a bang this summer with their colourful basics, creatively cut t-shirts and crop tops with cute hand-drawn designs.

Nada Akram Designs

Adding a true Egyptian touch in pieces of fashion is one thing, and actually making the item a piece of Egyptian culture that depicts all the memories we hold dear is another. This ready-to-wear brand straddles the lines between streetwear and smart pieces, for t-shirts you can wear day and night.

Unty Designs

Though UNTY focused on limited edition snapbacks this season, the music industry's favourite brand seems to be revamping their t-shirts for the next season. 

Agu by Jumia

 A Jumia Egypt's own private label, Agu's new prints are sassy and bold, perfect for the beach or standing out at the gym. 

The Sahara Collection

Tribal patterns are still in this season and will probably be for a good long while. The Sahara Collection are of course up-to-date with your basic tshirt needs along with their focus on beach wear this summer. 

Yanaju Gallery


Ur her queen; she s ur princess. Get ur matching tshirts asap from #yanajugallery by #dbydoniafarouk

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Matching t-shirts seem to be the thing now, and these mother-daughter ones are adorbs.  

Revolutionary Wear

Inspired by Hip-Hop and street culture, you'll spot these quirky prints in parties.