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A New Egyptian Brand is Making Psychedelic Designs That Are Actually Wearable

Egyptian brand Psych is making totally awesome hoodies inspired by patterns and textiles.

Psych, a crazy little brand that popped up on our Instafeed, seems to be the Egyptian answer to finding the balance between really comfortable streetwear and psychedelic designs.

Psychedelic clothing has been a trend for a while now but it’s not exactly easy to wear. Psych’s first collection ‘Psychotic’ is the perfect example of cool clothing that’s just the right amount of extra. “We wanted to do psychedelic clothes that’re actually wearable. Most of the things you see around are either really weird patterns or have too many colours. We were aiming to find a middle ground,” founder Omar Shawkat tells us.

Each item in their collection is high quality, 100 percent Egyptian, from the design on paper to the actual packaging (which is pretty cool in itself). This is while each design has its own creative, unique name for the hoodies as well like 'Down the Rabbit Hole,' and 'Omniscient.'

Keep up with Psych on Instagram here.