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Adaptive Appeal is the First Arab Brand for the Differently Abled

Adaptive Appeal is the first brand in the Arab world specialized in creating clothing for differently abled people.

Adaptive Appeal is the first brand in the Arab world to tackle the often-overlooked problems that differently abled people face when it comes to their clothes.

Founders Ashgan Al Obhur and Mohamed Wagdy started the project in December 2019, when Al Obhur’s wheelchair-bound friend told her how difficult it was to find a cocktail dress for an event. The dresses that she found did not take her condition into account, and specialized clothing were a foreign hard-to-come-by commodity.

As it turned out, this problem was all-too prevalent throughout Egypt and the Arab world. Conventional clothing proved to be a hassle, and often necessitated assistance from others. And so, throughout 2020, Adaptive Appeal collaborated with a differently abled focus group to see what issues they have and how they can resolve them, and ended up releasing a line of clothing tailored especially for people with cerebral palsy, artificial limbs, wheelchairs, and those of short stature.

To see their designs and start shopping, you can visit @adaptiveappeal on Instagram.