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Age of Magnificence: Zaam Designs' New Fashion Film Is A Throwback to Old World Glamour

One of Egypt's boldest bag brands, Zaam, has just released a video for their mid-season collection Age of Magnificence and this beautiful feat of fashion cinematography will have you wishing you lived in a different era...

Let’s be honest, we all need that one vintage-y bag in our closet that makes everyone think that you’re about that life - you know, underground stores and local brands only please! None of that high fashion mainstream stuff. Side note: we don’t need any more Michael Kors Jet Set Travel totes or Neverfull LV bags on the streets of Cairo. Seriously, though.

Fashion films are our guilty pleasure, and local bag brand Zaam has taken the initiative to propel us into the world of gorgeously lit and epically styled fashion cinematography to launch their Age of Magnificence collection. In collaboration with filmmaker Ashraf Hamdi, filming at the Victorian themed chain Shakespeare and Co. Egypt, the launch of this mid-season collection will have you wishing you’d lived in a different era.

Their latest pieces feature an eclectic mix of baroque inspiration with a rococo twist. “Each piece has additional copper vintage appliques that I collected individually from shops around the Khan El Khalili area,” says the designer himself Ahmed Azzam of his latest collection.

As far as statement pieces go, this is definitely a local designer to watch. Although this collection features both a men’s and women’s line of bags, ladies should keep a look out for the release of Zaam’s capsule collection of accessories in the next couple of weeks. Check out the short film for a small taste of a different time.

You can check out Zaam’s Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @zaamdesigns.