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This Egyptian Capsule Collection is Mixing Sexy with Winter Coziness

Rather than sticking to t-​​shirts and jeans, Egyptian brand Aitch is​ ​steering trends towards a more polished look even​ ​when you’re going grocery shopping.

Seemingly straight out of Taylor Swift’s paparazzi-worthy wardrobe is a key fashion trend: the two-piece outfit. While it might seem that the two-piece look is a bit too, well, skimpy for the cooler months, Aitch by Habeiba, an Egyptian brand offering casual chic wear begs to differ. Making stylish wool matching sets, it looks like we’ll continue rocking the look throughout the winter months. 
"I was inspired by Chanel's styles of the 50s and 60s. I wanted to transform vintage lines and designs into more modern silhouettes. It's classy and cute for the morning, but you'll never look underdressed for a night out," says Habeiba Soliman, founder of Aitch. 
Aitch’s pretty polished and preppy twin-sets bring to our wardrobes something unique and stylish - something so much more grown up than the matching sets we paired with pigtails way back in the day. And let’s be real, these co-ords are a breeze because all you have to do is accessorize them with simple jewellery and neutral heels (or even sneakers) and voila, you’re good to go! The best part? You can order your size according to your exact own measurements if you want.

“With two-piece outfits, no matter your body type, you can still flatter your figure and look slim if the fit is right – which is why I decided to work with an element of customisation,” adds Soliman.
It may be time we part with our mini dresses and bid our jumpsuits adieu in favour of these next level two-piece crowd pleasers. Yes, we’re obsessed with Aitch’s two-piece sets, but their wool dresses also deserve our attention- from slouchy ruffles, to off and wide sleeve slim fits – they may be a new favourite for day, night – or day-to-night. Honestly, if you want to talk about feminine, this collection is the epitome of the word. And the cherry on top? The price tag, ranging from EGP 400 to 800. Yes Aitch, we’re sold.

Aside from Aitch's wool winter collection, Soliman also customises evening gowns and formal wear through special appointments.

Check out Aitch’s Instagram page here.

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