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Al Sagheer Hair Academy is Boldly Shaping Colouring Trends This Season

We’re very thankful to know last year’s red shades aren’t making a comeback.

Before you know it, you’ll be swapping your summer dresses for sweaters, your flip-flops for boots and your sun-kissed highlights for more appropriate winter tones. Since hair colouring is quite the big decision – and no easy feat, we were more than happy to drop in at a training session at Al Sagheer Academy to educate ourselves on all things hair.Al Sagheer Academy had none other than Keune Hair Cosmetics' international hair trainer Yvonne Irvine flown into Cairo to educate the highly-trained staff on the hottest worldwide trends in colouring this fall. 

“The fall colours are under the spectrum of pastels and metallic; also, colours that enhance the client’s skin tone. It doesn’t have to be a vibrant colour as long as it compliments your natural colouring,” the expert told us.When we mentioned our over-flowing Pinterest boards and mild obsession with Blake Lively’s hair she added, “what’s happening with social media taking over is that a client sees a picture and wants the exact colour or cut, but she doesn’t know it might not suit her. This is where professional hairdressers come in.”

Irvine has been in the hair business for the past thirty years and has given training sessions in many countries, like Brazil, Russia, Italy, and Norway, among others. It’s no surprise that the educators were jotting down her every word.“True beauty focuses on every individual’s need; there’s no recipe for everyone. What I love about Al Sagheer salons is that they know the importance of education and keeping their educators constantly up to date,” Irvine added.

The fabulous news? Al Sagheer educators in attendance will be spreading all the newest techniques at all Sagheer salons, so you can very soon get the season’s look minus the anxiety attack.

To know more about the #ShadesOfSagheer this season, follow up with Al Sagheer Salon on Facebook.

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