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Allaga: Authentic Apparel

Creating gorgeous Egyptian-inspired clothes and accessories made in Egypt, by Egyptians, Allaga's SS15 collection is both good for our wardrobes and our souls. Launching the new collection this weekend at Fair Trade Egypt in Maadi, we speak to the founders to find out more.

You get a fuzzy little feeling inside your fashion soul when you purchase something that you know is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. You get an even fuzzier feeling inside your actual do-good soul when you know the aforementioned addition has contributed to propelling the crafts of your culture forward. Local brand Allaga is going to elevate those feelings a thousand fold. They design beautiful ethnic-style pieces entirely created by Egyptian hands, in an effort to capture the authenticity of our country while also helping sustain local artisans.

The brand was started three years ago to support and sustain Egyptian talent and has been doing just that ever since. Allaga is comprised of a group of young designers who envision the pieces and then take them to be physically created by local craftsmen and women, with the central aim of representing and reviving Egyptian heritage. “We depend on everything Egyptian,” co-founder Injy Elkembeshawy tells us. The fabrics are all 100% Egyptian and the intricate work on the pieces, whether it’s embroidery or tassels, is all forged by local hands. “We meet the craftsmen in Siwa, or here in Azhar – every single piece is created by local artisans,” Elkembeshawy says. “It’s a dying craft now and we want to revive it. No one focuses on authentic, locally made things anymore – everyone shops from high street international brands. We rarely pay attention to the craftsmen in Egypt; we’re working on changing that.”  

From tribal print jumpsuits to flowy blue-green summer dresses, the brand’s aesthetic has a cool, streamlined vibe with an infusion of tribal elements. Allaga also create their own gorgeous bags featuring genuine leather and hand woven fabric, from messenger bags to backpacks. And you can get your hands on their unique pieces this Saturday 6th June at the launch of their 2015 Spring Summer collection. The event will take place in Maadi in collaboration with Fair Trade Egypt at their showroom, and it’s where you can get your hands on their gorgeous new pieces for the summer. But it doesn’t end at just fashion – the evening will be filled with music and munchies! Sally’s Cakes and Bakes will be on hand with their tasty treats, ensuring all your sugar rush needs are totally covered. Because no one likes to shop on an empty stomach. Duh. They’ve also got musician Eslam El Sha’ary performing his beautiful and unconventional melodies at the spot. In addition to the cupcake queen and the music man, Joe Hair Stylist and Freesia will also be present at the event. 

We suggest you free up your Saturday afternoon, as the event is from 5-9 PM and go get your hands on some beautiful summer pieces, doing some good while you’re at it!

You can check out Allaga’s Facebook page here, or find out more about their event here. You can also follow them on Instagram @allaga_cairo.