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Alteration: Amina K's Fall/Winter Collection is Recycled and Upcycled

Amina K: stopping the fashion industry's endless pollution, one upcycled masterpiece at a time.

We're big fans of Amina K.'s creations; we've followed her from the very beginning. As per the fashion-groupie status we've developed with her from the get-go, we were excited when she won an award from the British Council for being the 'Young Creative Entrepreneur', we waited impatiently for her Orient-inspired collection, and we lurked until she let us take a journey through her stunning masterpieces. She never ceases to amaze us, though, with her ingenious spirit when it comes to all things sartorial.

This time, she has a collection that's completely upcycled from the past – no, we don't mean styles of the past, we actually mean pieces of fabric and materials she used in her past collection. Now we know this sounds iffy, but wait until you see this edgy, environmentally-friendly, and incredibly fashionable Fall/Winter 2016 collection, Alteration. We're definitely excited to switch over into winter mode, which means more layers for us to show off with. Take a look at her freshly released collection in this video:
The beautiful mind behind the collection says, "The collection carries all winter colours, like navy, black, grey, dark green, and some white, but also, we worked a lot with patching various colours, too; for the streetwear look, we added metals and chains for texture for the street-style effect."

But what we think is really, really great about this collection is the fact that it uses every bit of fabric and still looks fabulous. Amina K elaborated on the concept of upcycling that they have been using for the collection: "A lot of the time, we have raw stock fabric from past collections that usually ends up getting thrown away. It's a lot of fabric! And tons of buttons and other materials you can totally use. We looked at some of the extra rolls we had, and we thought of how to make use of it." We agree, it's like upscale whole-other-level type of upcycling because Amina K doesn't mass produce her pieces so, using an array of upcycled fabric fits right in with her vision. We were surprised when she told us, "Fashion is the second most polluting industry, so we really should be reusing our extra fabric and become more resourceful."

A sneak peek behind the scenes of the collection release.

We know what you're thinking, would patching colours together result in something great? Well, it lives up to Amina K's standard of being unique, classy, and perfectly well put together. She calls them, "signature pieces with a twist."

We don't know about you, but we think Alteration is going to make us look gaaawjus this winter, and the thought of saving the environment will keep us warm.