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Amany El Cherif: Reveries of Majestic Gowns

Using delicate and decadent materials such as lace and silk, Amany El Cherif is turning heads in the couture gown world and the bridal design sphere with her lavish and stunning creations.

A quick glance through Amany El Cherif's couture designs will immediately transport you into a fairy tale realm as you take in the decadent, lavish gowns and wedding dresses she creates. Whether lacy or glittery, Amany El Cherif spark fantasies with her designs.

"We always do artwork; sometimes we paint on the dresses to define our designs,” she tells us. Her designs are classy with a majestic aesthetic and exquisite taste. She focuses on both bridal and evening gowns; each one a piece of art of its own.

A graduate of Ain Shams University in Cairo, the fashion designer went on to study at the Ducret School of Art in the USA, Rutgers University, and Fashion institute. She then launched her first collection in a boutique that she opened in the US before shifting to Cairo, where she opened an Atelier in Madinet Nasr.

El Cherif’s first Cairo event was the Miss Arab beauty pageant in 2008, where she designed dresses for all of the contestants, including the winner. Her second event was the Salon De Chocolat in 2009 and the Avon event, as well as all several fashion shows in Egypt. She also launched her campaign “Girl in White,” which is still ongoing for another two months.

“I’m inspired by strong and powerful women, and I like to work with fine materials, like lace and silk, to express our elegance and make a statement,” she explains. Having launched a new line targeting working women, El Cherif also has exciting pieces for casual wear, all of which still maintain her signature artistic aesthetic. Her designs are taking over the market one dress at a time.

The artistic use of her elegant prints and materials make each dress more breathtaking than the other. If you want something bold and vibrant, wyet still incredibly chic, you’re in for a treat.

Check out the rest of her work on her Facebook page and Instagram.