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Amna Elshandaweely Releases Edgy New Collection 'Cairo Punk' in a Dazzling Imbaba Shoot

Exclusive: Egyptian streetwear is getting punk'd up!

In Cairo, everyone seems to be in a hurry to get to places. When 20 million people live in one city, we learn to up our maneuvering-game just so we could make it in one piece in the midst of this urban jungle. And to do that, you also have to dress the part. High-end fashion pieces were not made for a dusty, chaotic metropolis like ours, which is why the talented designer Amna Elshandweely is set to change how we glamour up our looks while keeping it real with her new collection Cairo Punk.

"The distinct and vibrant fashion of AfroPunk Festivals served as the main inspiration for my collection. I find the realness, wild self-expression through fashion, and art in these festivals to be more appealing and groundbreaking than any international fashion week," explains Elshandaweely. "So I decided to get that punk out of the Cairene youth who dare stand out and express their realities despite everything holding them back."For the collection's striking photoshoot, Elshandaweely ditched the glitter and the oh-so-glam for some exquisite Cairo realness in the heart of an abandoned amusement park in Imbaba. Elshandweely and her tribe invaded the park and brought it to life with the vibrant pieces and, most importantly, with their own individuality and uniqueness. "There are many tribes in Cairo that we mostly just overlook. The skaters, artists, bloggers, and everyone who feels they are different and find it difficult to relate to anything but their own outlook and surroundings," elaborates Elshandaweely, further expressing her belief that each one of us has their own tribe, just like ancient tribes all over Africa.

Check out the full shoot below:

Photos courtesy of Amna Elshandaweely.

Photography: Hossam Atef (Antikka).

MUA: Rama Abdelrahman.