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Anxiety: Egyptian Designer Amr Saad Challenges Apprehension and Fear for Latest Eyewear Collection

Through offering his own interpretation of what anxiety means, Saad paves a way for people to explore their own jittered thoughts in more meaningful and productive ways..

Anxiety: Egyptian Designer Amr Saad Challenges Apprehension and Fear for Latest Eyewear Collection

Known for his bold eccentric designs, Egyptian eye-wear designer, Amr Saad, is back with his latest collection, a rather conceptual one at that. Dubbed Anxiety or QalaQ, the collection explores mental health issues in unconventional ways, channeling it to productive means, instead of allowing it to be a disruption. In fact, Anxiety is about taking control, being in charge, and as it is said sometimes, transforming darkness into light.

Anxiety is a word that's thrown around all to easily these days, which is why Saad took the time to explore its depths. But as he delved deeper he found that it hit closer to home than he realised.

"After researching what exactly Anxiety is, I found that it's something that affects me as well, something that I relate to on a certain level. " Amr told us, as he further added that many elements reflect personal afflictions that he wanted to translate and transform into wearable designs.

And that's exactly what Saad did in QalaQ, taking inspiration from within, transforming his anxiety-ridden thoughts into wearable works of art. Through deconstructing the typical geometries of eyewear, either exaggerating them or reshaping them, Saad takes us on a trip inside a troubled mind, where things don't always make sense, whether its the asymmetrical forms, the sharp-shaped lines, or the displaced notions behind each peace, Anxiety is a collection that's subjective on a singular level.

One particular motif that can be seen throughout the collection is lightning-bolt emblem, which encapsulates Saad's central idea of transformation. "The lightening-bolt signifies the tension incurred from anxiety along with the zap of inspiration needed to channel it artistically," the designer writes on his page.

Anxiety's photoshoot features a number of Egyptian creatives, with each one attempting though their own accounts and interpretations, to create artworks that unfold what anxiety could mean to them.

"We live in a super connected mode, where through my designs I wanted to discuss a topic, a narrative that could resonate with everyone," Saad added, further explaining that through his own visual exploration of the issue, he managed to harbor a deeper understanding of what anxiety means to him, and how it's a personal process and journey that varies from each experience.

Quirky, off-killer and bold in design, the sterling silver collection boasts more than just eye wear, featuring earrings, pins, and a pill box of its very own.

Check out more of the collection on Instagram.