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Anzo is the Newly-Launched Babylonian-Inspired Casual Wear Brand

Asory founder Rana Yousry just launched Anzo, a casual wear brand with a diverse campaign to show that their clothes can work for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The latest unisex casual wear brand to hit the local fashion scene has come intro fruition at the hands of none other than designer Rana Yousry, the founder of Asory. Anzo is a streetwear sister label that complements Asory's haute couture elements with its own casual, practical twist.

With both labels being inspired by Babylonian and Assyrian history, Anzo - named after the god Anzu - is a reimagination of the components Yousry finds most powerful about Middle Eastern history. “Babylonia was powerful even though it was isolated," Yousry told #CairoScene. "It was so rich in its art, culture, and politics despite not mixing much with outside civilizations, and in this way I feel like it matches my personality."

At the forefront of the brand is her ongoing interest in diversity, not just in design and the product lines, but in her choice of models as well. “I always try to be inclusive in all my shoots, in the past we’ve worked with models with Down syndrome, and with Anzo we chose models with varying and unique skin,” Yousry said. “The whole point of this brand is that it would work for everyone. The vision is to create a luxurious but affordable casual wear that you can wear anywhere at any time no matter who you are.”

Their debut collection, Rebellion, was inspired by the collective melancholy we seem to be experiencing as a society during the infamous summer months of 2020. “We all feel at a standstill whether about our careers and future or our personal lives. We all seem to be somewhat lost right now, and this collection is just a call to break out of that mindset and pursue whatever it is you want. To rebel against our mental state.”

In the future, Anzo hopes to introduce a line of accessories with their upcoming fall/winter collection. Currently, they stock casual wear items like t-shirt and pant sets that are suited to everyday life. Visit to shop.

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Date: 11/24/2020
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
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