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Azwak: The Egyptian Fashion Store With Something For Every Taste

With a wide variety of scintillating tastes, this Egyptian brand can get you kitted out with anything from bomb-ass bomber jackets to laced up maxis.

New year, new you—that’s how the saying goes, right? Okay, maybe not. But we love any good excuse to reinvent and reinvigorate ourselves – and what better way to start than with your wardrobe. Azwak, an Egyptian fashion brand is meeting our love for variety, covering just about every item of clothing we need – from cute tops, to overalls, vintage skirts and matching sets, Azwak has us covered.

“We’re three life-long best friends, with three very different personalities and tastes – especially when it comes to fashion and we decided to take that to our advantage. We each design 3 pieces that resemble our different aesthetics. We end up with a collection that appeals to different Azwak,” says Alia Al-Baker, co-founder of the brand.

A street-style staple of cool girls everywhere is the bomber jacket and Azwak is on top of the game, with their new floral padded jacket – a closet mainstay. We’re also lusting over their turtleneck laced up dresses that’s equal part girlish and striking - and if the fashion world has fallen for this trend, so have we.

Meet their velvet shoulder puffed going out blazer—aka the one you throw on after 6 PM. It's sleek and slim-fitting, with an open front for showing off your amazing top. And on the other hand - Azwak’s comfy oversized cardigan is the ultimate lazy-girl approved look for when you’re feeling like a couch potato – talk about variety.

Azwak’s pants that scrunch at the waist and tie together with a ribbon are flattering and obviously comfortable. Just like their open-leg and flowy palazzo pants. What’s not to love?  

Check out Azwak’s Instagram account here, (and place an order or two while you're at it).