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Azza Fahmy Jewellery's Latest Collection Enchants Us With The Wonders of Nature

Designed by Azza Fahmy Jewellery's Head of Design, Amina Ghali, the stunning new nature-inspired 12-piece collection launches on Wednesday!

We love trees, crickets, oceans, glaciers and all things nature. We love Earth so much we even used to pack our groceries in flimsy brown paper bags instead of plastic ones, but there’s only so much spilled milk and so many broken Nutella jars you can take before you give up on the environment.
Our burning love for nature is still going strong, though, but the commitment has just been made easier with legendary jewellery design house Azza Fahmy’s latest collection, The Wonders of Natureinspired by our planet’s breathtaking landscapes. We found a far more glamorous and better-suited way to love the environment; we are rediscovering our inner climate-change-believers in a completely new light: tree-hugger chic!Designed by Azza Fahmy’s Head of Design, Amina Ghali, the 12-piece collection encapsulates everything from flora to fauna, as seen in full breadth by the artist’s eyes. “The Wonders of Nature follows the successful celestial-inspired Third Eye on the Universe collection, and we continue to build on the concept of life and creation,” Ghali says. “However, our new collection is grounded to nature with contemporary designs that explore flora and fauna, and fashionably bring to life the precious and timeless phenomena of nature.”Many artists draw inspiration from nature; Ghali’s interpretation is a deeply personal one – “for this collection, we specifically looked at the imperfections of nature and how, within those imperfections, everything to us was seemingly perfect,” she says. “You'll find a lot of unevenness in the pieces that express that inspiration; I was trying to grasp the concept of nature and how it crawls over things. I tried to think that, if nature was to land on my hands, ears, or neck, that's how it would fall. For example, how a butterfly crawls upon a flower or a branch.”To those of us who have known and loved Azza Fahmy Jewellery, The Wonders of Nature it is very much an addition to a great legacy. “This collection is a stepping stone into Azza Fahmy Jewellery's new era of design and technical innovation,” Ghali explains. “For us to be able to do a collection that is inspired by nature yet preserves the intricate Azza Fahmy elements and identity was a wonderfully challenging experiment that helped us push our design envelope even further.”The Wonder of Nature’s launch will take place Wednesday May 25th at 06:00 PM at Cairo Capital Club.
Find out more about on Azza Fahmy Jewellery's Facebook and Instagram @azzafahmy.