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Bags Code: Customiseable Cross Bags to Meet Your Needs

Express yourself by walking around with a bit of your personality hanging off our shoulder with a personalised bag from Bags Code.

A guy and a girl walk into a party. The girl finds another girl with the same purse as her and grumbles about it for the rest of the night. The guy finds another guy wearing the same shirt as him and high fives him. C'est la vie. In a city slowly being overrun by mass-produced Western fashion, how are we expected to avoid awkward situations like that? Creatives are constantly searching for ways to be unique and stand out amid the crowds. It's impressive how much creativity comes out of Cairo. 
After some aimless Instagram browsing - err, diligently working - we came across someone who decided to put his artistic talents to good use while simultaneously putting a dent in the giant carbon copy clothing dilemma. Abdelrahman Mostafa of Bags Code creates customisable bags with whatever fun, artistic designs your creative heart can fathom. A doodler who has always loved working with his hands and designing neat things, the 19-year-old Management Sciences student decided to mix practicality with his creativity and create a unique cross bag for himself that suited his needs. That's where it all began.
"A lot of people were impressed by my bag and asked me where I got it from," says Mostafa. "This motivated me to start a small business in hopes of one day expanding from my room to a workshop." Gaining momentum and acceptance as he branches off into the realms of young entrepreneurship, Mostafa is putting his artistic skills to work to create unique cross bags for anyone who requests them.
There's something to be said about the recent uprise of creative individuals in Cairo who are putting their talents to good use. We're always avid supporters of entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the effort to share their talents with the world. With that said, we hope to continue to see a trend in which we shift toward supporting these creative entrepreneurs in their endeavours. Plus, what's a better conversation starter than walking around with a bit of your personality hanging off our shoulder? 
You can follow them on Instagram @bags_code.