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Beach Ready with El Sastre

With a summer collection bursting with pastel hues and airy cottons, menswear brand El Sastre will be setting up shop in Sahel for the season.

As temperatures rise, everyone is yearning to get out of the city and officially let the summer begin. Suave menswear brand El Sastre is helping with the aforementioned quest and ensuring that men across Egypt kick start this sweltering season in style as they launch their summer collection. 

The brand, which has garnered a name for itself due to their seamless blend of craftsmanship and just plain cool factor are making sure your formet el Sahel is clad in stylish shorts, come the advent of coast time. “Our fresh and funky shorts are your perfect summer companion and definitive statement that the work week is over,” co-founder Abdullah Zohdi tells us. Amen to that brother. 

El Sastre will be setting up shop in Diplo 3 this summer with their collection of kaleidoscopically coloured, very on-trend shorts. Because seriously, if you’re not looking sharp while you’re gallivanting around chalets in Diplo or cabinas in Hacienda then why are you even in Sahel? Jeez. Anyway, as per usual, El Sastre has their finger on the pulse of dude fashion and we’d bet our last slice of konafa all the guys in the city will be getting their hands on their latest collection. “We came up with the perfect combination of not-so-long-not-so-short, bright coloured and lightweight designs and paired them with the most comfortable cottons and linens to make up our guaranteed feel-good collection,” Zohdi tells us. “This latest summer collection is for young-at-heart customers who searching for a stylish casual look and feel.”

Plus they'll be sharing their Sahel store with one of our favourite bag brands in the city, Okhtein. You know what that means right? Girlfriend-boyfriend tandem shopping trip!

Alright what are you waiting for – coastal times in cool shorts await. 

Their shorts and Panama hats are available for pre order via mobile 01154464440 - 42 or email  

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @elsastre_store.