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Behind Nob Designs' 'Superstitious' Anniversary Collection

Black is the new black again with Nob's sexy take on superstition.

If you think black is a sad, gloomy colour, we suspect you'll have 13 years of bad luck in outfit choices. We love the way black can make us look sexy and classy all at once. Some consider it a safe go-to colour, but we think it's pretty dangerous because laaawd knows when anyone rocks it right, it's an absolute showstopper. So when Nob Designs released their second anniversary collection, Superstitious, we were thrilled to find all-black-everything. The young designer, Ahmed Nabil, lets us see some of the beautiful and delicate pieces for his second anniversary collection, with inspirations drawn from a personal story behind each."The [lace top] piece was actually inspired by the prom dress I made for my little sister," Nabil says. Of course we gushed at the sweetness of the thought, and were frankly a little jealous that our prom dresses definitely did not look that gorgeous and classy. However, sentimental value aside, we were surprised to know that this is not the designer's favourite piece – it's actually the one with the metal buttons. "I'm a little biased, to be honest," Nabil confesses. "This piece is my favourite because I put each silver button on it myself". Nabil, from what we can definitely see and feel through his designs, is a detail-oriented artist. He is keen on making each piece as personal as possible.The second set of pieces that caught our attention are the long vests with the gold shimmers; they're so versatile – you could totally wear them on a night out, or throw one on and head into the office. The best part? They're signature pieces, and they are hand painted to give them the rugged, street-style look, which the designer has already mastered previously. At the same time, they're unique and you definitely won't be seeing many people wearing them.We asked Nabil which type of girl would wear his designs, and he almost immediately said, "A girl who is edgy, who likes to party, likes to stand out, and likes to look beautiful!" We totally believe all women have traces of these aspects, if not all of them. We suggest you keep an eye out for where you can purchase this collection, and don't forget to look out for his winter collection coming up in December – we can't wait to see what eccentric designs he's crafting up his sleeves as we speak.

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