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Blessings: A Platform Where Artists Sell Their Work

Blessings has just launched as a brilliant platform connecting underground artists and craftspeople with selective consumers who seek authentic objects.

Blessings functions as a platform that basically gathers up masterpieces by artists, artisans, craftsmen and art collectors from all around the world, allowing the underground art scene to flourish. Those who can't find support in their own nation, and those who seek publicity and exposure, will find refuge in Blessings, where they can actually sell their work. 

The project thereby encourages young talents and uprising artists to transcend the limitations of society's standards and actually pursue their passions by making a living off of what they love,  proving to the world and to themselves that one can survive from art. 

The artwork and items they display do not necessarily belong to a particular category since they accept any form of art one produces, whether it's jewellery designs, bags or pouches, paintings and pretty much anything handmade and authentic from all over the globe. The platform offers much needed exposure bringing the artists' work straight to those who wish to own a piece of someone's passion and handicraft.

Stay updated with their latest pieces on Facebook and Instagram.