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Blush Boutique for a Fairytale Wedding

Your Cinderella dress destination and fairy-God-boutique all at once, brides-to-be need to give this Mohandessin retailer a visit.

Whether you're looking for a prom dress, a bridesmaid's gown, or you yourself are a bride-to-be, or you're simply dress obsessed, Blush Boutique is the place that will make your fairy-tale dream come true, with its relaxing colors and unwinding vibe.

With only one piece of each dress design imported from the US, Spain, Italy and Lebanon arriving at their classical boutique, Blush is definitely the place fighting mass-production brands; meaning you can be sure that none of your friends, or friends' friends, will be wearing the same dress as you are.


"The idea of the business came to me when I was helping a friend buy a wedding dress and we couldn't find anything here, so we had to travel abroad to find the perfect dress. The market is not only lacking creativity, but it's lacking variations and producing so much of one piece that you find the entire city wearing the same outfit. I wanted to change that," says the young Shahira Shebl, co-owner of the shop, located in Mohandessin.

"Our aim is to give the client privacy, good service and comfort. This is not about money, as it is about gaining a customer and fulfilling their wishes," she continues.

With the country filled with divergent tastes and different styles, Shahira's mother makes the veils herself to offer the customer a handmade quality veil. And since it's a family business, Shahira's brother, Sherif, is taking care of the shipments. They also always adjust the chosen dress to the size of the customer, and if they're veiled, the boutique takes complete responsibility for the alterations to make it fit for anyone who wants it.

"We check with our tailors three times a week, because the client's dress carries our reputation. We are with the client every step of the way, until they are 100% satisfied. It's not just about the service provided, it's also about the after service. You're not just buying a dress, you're buying comfort and quality."

 Keep updated with the Boutique's new arrivals through their Facebook & Instagram accounts.

 Photography by Christina Rizk.