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Boujee Lane Maintains a Slow Fashion Philosophy While Sticking Fast on the Latest Trends

While they call themselves a fast fashion brand in terms of keeping up with the latest trends, Boujee Lane is dedicated to the mindset of slow fashion to protect the environment and value their workers.

After Boujee Cai was brought to a halt earlier this year, local entrepreneur Ahmed Marwan was dedicated to creating a brand that would be quick to integrate the latest trends, but took it slow when it comes to production. Fast fashion, after all, often left its mark on the environment, and undervalued its workers. An impact that’s easy to miss in the fast-paced world of the fashion industry. So he created Boujee Lane, a newly launched brand creating statement and trendy pieces for young Egyptians.

“What makes us fast fashion is responding quickly to people's tastes and latest trends," Marwan told CairoScene. "Not mass production or low-cost production.”

The founder outsources young Egyptian talents, like graphic designers, to create their gear before taking the fabric to a select number of workshops. “I used to work with factories, but I realized that workshops result not only in a higher quality but allow me to communicate more closely with the team,” Marwan said.

Each month, 10 percent of Boujee Lane’s company profits go towards a variety of non-profit charitable organizations, as well as continuously speaking out on issues that fall in line with the brand’s beliefs. You can order through their IG page, with free delivery in Cairo and international delivery available.